Preparing for yuntif doesn't just mean cooking.
Your yuntif plans should include planning for your safety.
It is time to replace your batteries and check your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors

Order your basic fire protection equipment to help our community stay safe
NO home should be without these essential items.

Smoke Detectors - (dual sensor, battery operated)* - $22 each
Smoke Detectors should be placed towards the ceiling & replaced every 7 years. You should have AT LEAST one on every floor
Carbon Monoxide Detectors - (plug-in, battery backup)* - $35 each
Carbon Monoxide Detectors should be placed low to the ground & replaced every 7 years
Fire Extinguisher - (Full Home) - $22 each
Fire Extinguisher - (Kitchen) - $25 each
Fire Extinguishers should be replaced every 6 years and/or any time they are used
* Please inquire if you require interconnected and/or hardwired units or CO detectors (battery-only)

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 Smoke Detectors@ $22 each $
 Carbon Monoxide Detectors@ $35 each $
 Fire Extinguisher - Full Home@ $22 each $
 Fire Extinguisher - Kitchen@ $25 each $
 Delivery (within West Orange & Livingston)@ $5 $

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